Raket Maxbolt Superstar LT White

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Raket Maxbolt Superstar LT White

uperstar Series Is created for Players to Get Stylish During the Game ! With the Superstar LT series it has been Designed for Players who seek Light also Thrive Power rackets during the game. We had builded it with Head Heavy balancing with only 75grams weight but Maximum tension of 35lbs .

We had created the First time ever rackets Comes with Unique Color Design in every single pieces . Someone who really wants the rackets to looks exclusive . Superstar LT is the one you seeking !

- Series : Superlight
- Length (mm) : 675mm
- Weight (gram) : 75+-3
- Balance : 297+-5
- String Tension (lbs) : 30
- Grip Size : G5
- Frame Type : Box Frame
- Shaft Construction : Carbon Fibre Composite
- Shaft Flexibility : Normal
- PlayStyle : Speed

-senar maxbolt mbs66 (warna random)
-grib karet (warna random)
-tas kain

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